Monday, 24 June 2013

Review: Converse All Stars

This clearly isn't your usual topic for a review, but hopefully all will become clear!
*NB: Possibly Not. I am a wee bit strange. 

Since my ankle operation, my foot has absolutely refused to return to normal size, instead resembling an orange shoved under my skin. It is known as the HulkFoot™. It is also unable to bear my weight without giving way. I have been unable to fit any shoes on really, or socks. I have some amazing fluffy slippers which are keeping my feet warm at home - so awesome that I have two pairs. One with stars and moons on, and one with purple leopard print. I am a big fan of leopard print! 

Anyway, back on track. A month or so ago, my dad took me to TK Maxx, and we found a pair of DC trainers with Velcro fasteners. They are black with rainbow spots and I like them very much. We bought them in a size bigger than I usually wear, and they are lovely. However, my ankle goes over the sides of them a bit. And that isn't always ideal. It's not so much a problem if I'm on wheels, but when I'm on my frame it can get a bit unpleasant. 

On Saturday, I was shopping with my Mum and Edie, and we took a look around Office, mainly to have a nose at the sale section. I spotted a pair of Converse, which I loved, but the side zip meant they wouldn't go over the HulkFoot™. I tried another pair on, in a 6 and a half, which were comfy, went over the HulkFoot™, but would have been a trip hazard if I had been using them on my frame. Total fail. 

I had been lusting over these beauties for a loooong time, and they were the only ones in a size 6 on show, and of course, not on sale.  But I tried them on, and it was my Cinderella moment. And I figured I might as well spend the extra £18 and get the pair I really wanted, rather than settle for a pair I wasn't so keen on. They are the All Star Hi Top Anchor (jeez, that's a name and a half!).

They are amazing. As is Converse Custom, they came with a set of red laces as well, which I immediately put in mine - they look awesome, and don't seem to get as dirty so quickly! 

The fact that you can have the laces set lower down, means that as the day goes on, and HulkFoot™ grows ever larger, I can loosen them off but still have support there to stop it going over completely when I'm walking with my frame. Also, the fact that they are looser means I can slip them off, rather than having to try and bend down to take them off at the end of the day when my back is really sore. I am officially in love with a pair of shoes. If HulkFoot™ is to be a long term thing, more of these will be entering my life. There are so many beautiful pairs!

I'm really chuffed to have a pair of shoes that are comfortable, supportive (to an extent, they aren't rock solid so there is still some movement), and pretty. For me, that's awesome news. Bendy Friendly Footwear can sometimes be fairly unattractive, but these are far from that. 

Tell me about your pretty Converse!


  1. I love cons high tops, my favourite ones are my batman ones! x

  2. Oooooh, they sound awesome! I would absolutely love an Iron Man pair. My all time favourite Superhero. Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist who can fly. And likes loud heavy music. And makes me go weak at the knees. Oh yes! xxx