Monday, 10 June 2013

I Have Borrowed This From The Lifestyle Blogging Ladies Collective.

Good Evening!

I saw this post here: Karen's Blog and thought it was a brilliant idea. So I have asked if I can borrow it, and here it is! 

The idea is you take the colours of the rainbow (plus pink, black, white and multicoloured!) and tell your readers what your favourite things are in each colour. I like this idea a lot.

So here is my rainbow! 


My Asus Laptop. She's called Ruby. I love her very much. She holds all my photos, has some games for when my hands work well enough to play, has all my music on, and gives me access to the outside world when I'm stuck inside. The keys are easy to type, which is great for the disaster zone that is my fingers. And the touchpad mouse is nice and easy to use. No issues with double clicking when it shouldn't. Hooray!

(Arsenal Football Club came a very close second. Come On You Gunners!)


My Zippy wallet.

I have been a Zippy fan since I was very small.I have a collection of Zippys, ranging from a rucksack to air fresheners, with mugs, plus general Rainbow merchandise as well. This wallet is really handy, the pop stud is not too stiff which makes it easy to open with minimal finger trauma, it holds a fair bit of change considering it's size, and fits nicely in my handbag. My Mum and Dad saw the wallet in a shop on their holiday, and bought it home for me as a souvenir. Epic present!


I am cheating a little bit with this one. 

I love Weymouth more than anywhere else in the world. It feels more like home than my home. Whenever I leave there after a visit, I am on the verge of tears. The sand is almost yellow right? I've been going there since I was a teeny tiny person. It is my true happy place. Whenever I feel down I think of Weymouth. My dream is to live there. One day I will. 


Pocket Dragons!

I have been collecting these beautiful figurines since I was 13. I was having a very tough time at school with bullies, and had gone into our local town centre to spend my Christmas money. Supposedly with my friend, who had then ditched me for the bullies. I was wandering around feeling sad and lonely, when I spotted a little green dragon with big black beady eyes looking at me from the Jeweller's window. I couldn't resist his beautiful face, so I went in and asked to see him close up. His name was "Why?", and his expression summed up exactly what I was thinking at the time. I had exactly the right amount of money left, so he came home with me. My Mum was so pleased that I'd spent my money on something worthwhile that she went straight out and bought me 4 more. I have been collecting for 13 years now, and still don't have them all - even though they aren't being made any more. I have a LOT though ;) 


My Slanket. I love my Slanket. The inventors deserve a medal. A way to keep warm and still do things. One of the best gifts I've ever received! 


This T-Shirt. 

I got it due to a freak error at Christmas. I'd ordered the Uberman some ThinkGeek T-Shirts, and was given a DHL tracking number which never got updated. They reissued the order, but some had gone out of stock. The replacements arrived, and then I got a random Customs Charge notice from Parcelforce. ThinkGeek had accidentally issued a DHL tracking number, but then sent it with USPS. I spoke to them and they said I could keep all the stuff for the inconvenience (none of it arrived in time for Christmas). So I had the replacements for pyjama tops, and the Uberman has his for daily wear. This is my favourite. It's lovely and baggy and brilliant for sleeping in! 


I am going to cheat again a little bit here. I currently have lilac hair. I've been all sorts of colours, but this is my absolute favourite. And lilac is diluted violet, right? :)


A fairly recent discovery, but one of the best I have ever made. I was sent a sample of a shower gel by Fortune Cookie Soap, called "Capitol Diamond". I fell in love at first sniff. It was initially made as part of a Hunger Games mini collection, but the scent was so popular that it was brought back to the permanent range. I am SO glad! FCS is based in the US, but a forum I regularly visit makes frequent group orders. I took part in the latest one, and I now have Capitol Diamond shower gel, whipped cream body butter and a "Hydrate Me" solid body moisturiser. I will be reviewing these products soon, but they are all pink and beautiful. I LOVE this product range! 


Next's black leggings are a staple in my wardrobe. Comfy even on Fibro'd sensitive skin, they last for so long before they start to go see through like so many leggings do. I wear them with shorts, skirts, dresses and jumpers (not all at once obviously!). They are totally versatile and not a bad price either! 


This is going to sound like a very strange answer. But it is one of my favourite things/places. 


I've been unable to get up the stairs since February, and as such I've been unable to get to my sanctuary. I rely on hot water a lot for pain management, and I am missing it so much. I love to lay in the deep water with some music and a book, and let the water soak away some of the aches and pains I get on a daily basis. I love to use bubbles or bath bombs, so the water is nicely scented and coloured too. 


The place I love more than my bath (but not as much as I love Weymouth!) is my bed. With my duvet. I have 3 duvet sets - one which is Zebra printed (brand new, a present from my Mum for EDS Awareness Month), and two which are rainbow striped. I have always loved rainbows, possibly due to my obsession with the TV show, and I was bought the first one a few Christmases ago. I was shopping in Watford a few weeks ago, and I spotted a new one in BHS, which had been reduced to £12.50. How could I leave such a bargain behind?! I love it!

So this is my Rainbow. I hope you've enjoyed reading about it! Leave me a comment with your rainbow!


  1. Excellent bendy rainbow! How would you feel about my sling the rest of the collective if we can open membership to you? It's a very exclusive club... Ahem. xx

  2. Oh that would be very exciting! I would love to join you all if the other ladies are happy with it! I have a lot of formatting to do though I think - my blog looks a bit low tech compared with you all! xxx