Monday, 24 June 2013

Five Things I'm Proud Of

Happy Monday, and welcome to my first official LBLC post! 

Karen, Louise, Keshia and Rachelle have kindly allowed me to become the newest member of the Lifestyle Blogging Ladies Collective, and I am very excited! The first joint blogging exercise I am taking part in is "Five Things I'm Proud Of", so without further ado...

  • I am proud of my Uberman. He is working incredibly hard, to make his way in the notoriously difficult computer games industry, and I can't wait to be able to tell you all about the next steps he will take on the ladder. He is part of a team who have created Decoy Studios, and they are all working hard on a game right now. You can see some of the stuff he has been working on and creating here: Uberman's Portfolio

  • I am proud that this year, I managed to raise over £1000 for the Hypermobility Syndrome Association, by getting a sponsored zebra tattoo. ** I have a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and May is EDS Awareness Month. The HMSA deal with all types of Hypermobility Syndromes, not just EDS, and they have been a real source of information, help and kindness for me. To be able to give something back to them means so much to me, and it is probably my greatest achievement to date.

  • I am proud that I have learned to crochet. My lovely Nanny tried so hard to teach me to knit as a child, and it never worked, because my brain just cannot process holding and moving two needles at the same time (I cannot use chopsticks for the same reason!). This is a part of my EDS, which we didn't learn about until she had passed away. I decided just after Christmas last year that I should try to learn crochet - to give me something productive to do, and also to try and strengthen my fingers on my right hand. I am not the fastest, and my pain does not always allow me to work on it, but I am about two thirds of the way through a blanket of granny squares for my Mum.  I am proud because I have found a craft that I am able to do, and hope that my Nanny would be proud too!

  • I am proud that I am part of two awesome families - the Greens and the Malkins. Both are very different, but equally as mad, and I love them both to pieces and I couldn't imagine life without them all. Family is very important to me, and I am lucky enough to be part of the two best families in the world. 

  • I am proud that I have made a commitment to this Blog. It has encouraged me to start writing, which I haven't done since I left school, and I am really enjoying it. Writing is a very personal thing, and for a while, I had no desire to write anything at all. It was reignited with my EDS Fundraiser daily updates, and now I am really enjoying it. It may not be any good, but sod it, I'm enjoying it and feeling like it is giving me something to achieve (alongside my crochet projects) whilst I am in such a health slump. Since starting this, I have also started writing other small things, and if I am still going strong, maybe I will attempt to write something on a larger scale. 
Thank you for reading my first LBLC post! It is a very positive subject and it has really put a smile on my face, on what can only be described as a gloomy Monday. Please comment and tell me what you are proud of - more smiles are in order! 

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And leave a comment to tell me what you're proud of!


  1. Thank you. It put a real smile on my face today! Such a lovely subject, and thank you for inviting me to be a part of the LBLC xxx

  2. Crochet makes me confused. Which,is so sad because granny blankets are beautiful. X

  3. I am working on a granny blanket at the moment. A patchwork one rather than one in the round. It's fun to do! And once I had it shown to me, it became a lot easier than trying to work from tutorials. You have to be careful of online patterns though - UK patterns use double and treble, but USA use single and double. That can get very confusing! xxx