Sunday, 9 June 2013

First Blog From My Second Home

Good Evening!

Today I am posting from the Uberman's house. I bloody love it here. His family are amazing!

I had a pedicure today, from Shaz (Uberman's older sister). It was the first time I've ever had one, and it was bloody lovely! My poor feet are a bit neglected because I can't get down to them very well any more. Today they had a lovely soak in a foot spa, with some salt crystals. Then they took a good scrubbing from a scary looking metal device. Usually I have majorly ticklish feet, but since my mystery back/neuro problems, I have lost a large percentage of the feeling in my legs, so I barely felt it lol! Always a bright side right? Hehe. After that came a scrub with salts. Rinsed and dried, then a gorgeous smelling moisturiser. Oh my gosh. My feet are so soft and smooth! Then an even bigger treat... I have beautiful red toenails! I feel so pampered, it was really lovely. My feet have never felt so looked after! Just in time for Tuesday's appointment for my ankle MRI results. Eep. 

I am very apprehensive about Tuesday. My ankle was bent back by an idiot at the Paralympics last year, only 3 weeks after the repair. I am pretty convinced it damaged again then, but I also had a fall down the stairs which didn't help matters. I am back at square one, unable to weight bear without my ankle giving way. I followed that with a back injury which really has screwed me up. I went from crutches to a frame, with no choice but to bear weight on my collapsing ankle. The stress on that leg has now caused my knee to give up on me, and I am getting increasing instability in my hip. Not fun. So Tuesday will hopefully get me some answers and help to stop my body totally plummeting into meltdown. Hopefully. 

Tomorrow I will be sorting my clothes out. Ack, Wish me luck! 

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