Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Day of Fog and Potential Superpowers

Apparently it's all hot and humid outside today.

One thing I do know about this weather is it gives me a walloping headache. So this is to be a short post. 

I am wrapped in a slanket and have my jamas and fluffy slippers on. I don't process hot and cold very well. I am the air conditioning to the Uberman's radiator. It works quite well. We are like yin and yang :)

I have been trying to process paperwork today, as I am currently an acting secretary for our local branch of the Royal British Legion. It has taken me all day to try and create two pieces of paper, which should have taken me five minutes. Major Fail. I attempted to start reading through 90 pages of "bible", but the words started dancing and my eyes starting aching, so I am going to save that for another day. 

On days where my head is like this, I would usually have a nice bath and soak my head in the water, which is really soothing. But I can't get to the bath, and to make matters worse, my shower has broken. The new part hasn't arrived yet. Sad times. No water on my head today. 

I have to get dressed shortly and go to the Legion to post said notices all around the building. Once that is done, I think I'm going to flop. I feel utterly pathetic today. Everything is floaty and hazy, except for the pain. And that makes me quite sad.

On the tests front, I got my appointment for my scan in London. I thought I was just having my foot scanned, but it turns out I'm having my foot scanned in the morning, and then my entire body scanned 4 hours later. Eeep. I'm hoping the radiation will give me some superpowers. That would be awesome. 

That's all from me today. Hopefully I'll be feeling a bit more chipper tomorrow. 

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