Friday, 21 June 2013

Pikachu, Music, and Anniversary Happies!

Good Evening, 

Tonight's post comes to you from my bed. I say my bed, it is the bed I am occupying downstairs. My own bed is stuck upstairs and is lonely without me. *sniff*

Today, my Mum and Dad have been married for 27 years. 27! Dad always jokes that it was not only the longest day of the year, but the longest of his life. It does make me chuckle. I think back on how much has changed for them in 27 years, and wonder what it was like for them before my brother and I arrived (me first!). I came along a year after, and my brother two years later. They didn't get much "Honeymooner" time really! 
I have to confess, I was a terrible daughter this year, and forgot to get them a card. I was so wiped out after Download that I haven't been anywhere near a shop, and totally forgot about Funky Pigeon. I did tell them last night that I'd forgotten though. And made them a Facebook status. That redeems me a little bit... Maybe... 
We had a big fat Chinese takeaway for dinner - for any local readers, I really cannot recommend Dynasty on the Uxbridge Road enough. Oh gosh I am stuffed, but it was soooo good! I then followed it with M&S Victoria sponge. And am now in bed with spectacular stomach cramps. Bad Shelley! 

Tomorrow I am attending the "Burn Day" celebration which is held by two of our friends each year. 8 years ago, they were injured in an awful accident, and so we celebrate each year with a drink fuelled shindig. (I can't drink, but watch with great amusement!) This year, we have a general fancy dress theme, and I am attending as Pikachu! So naturally, this afternoon I tried to do some Pikachu nail art.


But it is done! I will have pictures to upload tomorrow. I am quite proud of it now it's done. Just took so many failed attempts. I used Avon NailPro+ in Lemon Sugar for the base, China Glaze Ruby Pumps for his red cheeks, BarryM nail art pens for his eyes and face (SO MUCH LOVE FOR THESE PENS! I will be doing a post on their awesomeness soon), and Nails Inc Floral Street for the eye highlight.

So yes, pictures to follow of my Pikachu adventures!


  1. I cannot wait to see your Pika nails! If you need cards by post in the future, you know where I am, that's what I do! x

  2. I didn't manage to get a decent enough picture of my nails for the blog, they were very messy at first, and then chipped by the time I remembered to take a post cleanup picture! I will send to you on the book of face though. And I shall most definitely be purchasing some of your lovely creations! xxx