Friday, 28 June 2013

10 Things About Where I Live

Hello! Today brings another LBLC Group Post. I like these! The subject is 10 Things About Where I Live. I hope you enjoy!

10. I live less than 10 minutes away from Heathrow Airport. Since Concorde has gone, I don't hear any plane noise. This may be because I am so used to it that my brain blocks it out. 

9. Numerically, I used to live next door to my Nanny and Uncle. However, there is a crossroads between the two houses. 

8. My bedroom is upstairs, but I haven't seen it since February :( The same goes for my bathroom! I am living downstairs. My Dad built me a special shower outside, but I can't tell you how much I miss my bath.

7. My dad has only lived outside of our road for a couple of years. He was born in one house, moved to another as a child, left for a little while, then when my brother and I came along, we moved to our current house. 

6. One of the earliest memories I have of this house is falling down the stairs. 

5. The day my dad came home from the pub and was unable to open the door is one of my funniest memories. I heard a noise at the door, so went down, and could see through the glass that he had his glasses on and was inspecting the lock. He'd been trying for 20 minutes to open the door, with his key upside down. Hysterics then ensued from both of us <3

4. A few years ago, if you had asked me, I would never have left this house. How things change! 

3. I live in an area that has an unpleasant reputation, but the road I live on is lovely. 

2. We can get to Central London very quickly from here - by train, car, or bus. 

1. My home is made awesome by the people who occupy it. Bricks and mortar make a house. Family make it a home. Mum, Dad, Robert, Chloe and Uberman are the best, and while we fall out occasionally, most of the time we have a bloody good laugh. And that's the best thing about where I live.

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Tell me about where you live! Leave me a link in the comments :)

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