Saturday, 29 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge - 7 Wants

Today's aspect of the 10 Day You Challenge is 7 Wants. I wasn't really sure how to approach this one - materialistic, idealistic, or in my dreams. So I decided to go for a mix of it all! 

7. I want my family to be healthy, comfortable, and happy. I think this one is self explanatory really!

6. I want to go back to America several times. I want to visit Florida, New York, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. 

5. I want an electric wheelchair. This one, to be precise:

It is a Sirocco, and way out of my price range at the moment. Everytime I visit my local shopping centre, I rent it from Shopmobility and I love it. It's light, fast, and really easy to manoeuvre. I have my own scooter, which is great for outside, or supermarkets, but one of these would be so much better for use inside, going round museums, shopping centres, indoor gigs etc. 

4. I want to know what is wrong with my back. I have had reduced feeling in my legs since February, along with back pain and a deterioration in my walking ability. Hopefully neurology will be able to tell me what is wrong in July. 

3. I want to ride The Smiler at Alton Towers. It looks bloody awesome! 

2. I want there to be a cure for cancer. It is a brutal, evil disease, and the sooner a cure is found, the better. I will always donate to Marie Curie and Macmillan, in the hope that they can slightly alleviate the suffering of people with cancer. 

1. I want a bungalow, in Weymouth, with my Uberman. A place to call my own home. 

So those are my 7 wants! It is a bit of a strange list, but they are the things that popped into my head when I considered the subject. 

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Link me to your 7 wants - I enjoy reading the perspectives of others!

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