Thursday, 4 July 2013

Liebster Blog Award!

I am so chuffed! The lovely Karen from Too Dull To Blog (she is not in the least bit dull, I can assure you!) has kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award for new bloggers!

In return for this, I have to tell you 11 random facts about myself, answer the 11 questions Karen has set for me, and nominate 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award. I sadly don't have many bloggers to nominate, but I hope the people I choose will be as pleased as I am to be part of this! 

So - 11 Facts About Me

1. I currently have very faded lilac hair. It is streaked with silver and blue, and I quite like it!

2. My favourite flower is a Gerbera. 

3. Criticize by Alexander O'Neal never ever fails to put a smile on my face, even when things are really crap.

4. I have Killswitch Engage lyrics tattooed on my wrist. They were (and still are) very appropriate in my mind - the tattoo was a tribute to my Grandparents and Uncle, how have sadly passed away. The lyrics are from Rose of Sharyn - "It Won't Be Long, We'll Meet Again". This was my first tattoo, and is very special to me. 

5. My wrists dislocate more times than I can count each day. 

6. Mint Choc Chip is my favourite flavour of ice cream.

7. I look a lot like my Dad, but people don't make the connection until we are next to each other. 

8. My yarn stash is a bit ridiculous. 

9. I cry when Dobby dies, in the film or book - no matter how many times I read or watch them. Uberman laughs at me when I do. Meanie. 

10. I cut my knee open in Universal Studios, by running up a down escalator. Whoops. 

So, onto the 11 questions set for me by Karen!

1. If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?

I think most people would assume I would wish the EDS away. Sometimes I think about it, but it is part of me, and I have adjusted to it. So, as trivial as this sounds, I would change my lack of singing ability. I desperately wish I could sing. I would love to be a rock star! 

2. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

It is not the most exotic place in the world, but it is a place I love. Weymouth. There are other places in the world I would love to see, given the opportunity, but Weymouth is where I belong. 

3. Who would you take with you?

I would take the Uberman. Him and Weymouth = bliss for Aporia!

4. What do you regret most?

I had the top of my ear pierced at 13, and with it being a fashion thing, I didn't do any research, just had it done. At a hairdressers. With a gun, and an earring which was unsterile. My cartilage shattered, and a horrific infection set up. I ended up with a collapsed ear. It looked horrific, and left me tremendously self conscious. I had it reconstructed using a piece of cartilage from my ribs. If I could turn back time, I would have still had the piercing, but had it done professionally, in a clean studio, and with the correct equipment.

5. Where are you happiest?

I think you'll already know what I'm going to say... I am truly happiest in Weymouth. But... I am also happy to be curled up next to my Uberman, wherever that may be.

6. Why did you start blogging?

I have read blogs for years, but hadn't ever considered starting my own until June this year. For Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month, alongside my fundraiser, I kept a diary each day on Facebook, of things that I wouldn't necessarily tell people on a normal day. A lot of my friends gained more insight into my life, and a few mentioned the idea of starting a blog. When the month came to an end, I had enjoyed writing so much, that I decided what the heck - and here I am. I am very much a noobie, but really enjoying it - especially being part of the LBLC!

7. What is your favourite beauty product?

Oooh, this is a toughie! I love so many different things, but I have made a fairly new discovery, which I now use every single day. Fortune Cookie Soap do a range called "Whipped Cream", in a range of different scents. It is a beautifully light body moisturiser, and I really cannot praise it enough. It sinks in with no greasy residue, and my skin is so smooth and soft afterwards. I have it in two scents, and both are strong, without being overpowering, and last the entire day. It is also great at keeping my many scars moisturised! The company is based in America, so you do get hit with customs charges on big orders - but if you do a co-ordinated group order, it works out a hell of a lot cheaper! 

8. If you had to stop one thing you do often, what would you give up?

This is such a tough question Karen!!! If I had to stop one thing, it would probably be calling Bingo on Thursdays, at our local British Legion Club. I would hate to do so, because it is good fun, and the majority of the people who come to play are really sweet and lovely. However, on days where I feel poorly, it can be quite draining. Even so, I still enjoy it!

9. What is your guilty TV pleasure?

I don't have "guilty" pleasures as such - I come out and talk about it loudly and proudly! But probably the trashiest thing I love watching, is Snog, Marry Avoid. I dislike the fact that they tend to portray "alternative" looks as unattractive, when in fact the girls/guys sometimes look beautiful. Who defines normal anyway? I love it when they rebel and go back to their old look! It is fun to watch, POD is an absolute bitch and cracks me up with what she comes out with! Ellie Taylor is funny too. I really like it! 

10. Do you paint your toe nails?

I love having my toenails painted, but due to my back problems, I can no longer do them myself. Shaz (Uberman's sister) does a lovely pedicure though- foot spa, scrubs, rock salt, moisturise and nail polish. She did one for me last month and used Meep Meep Meep (OPI Muppets Collection). My toes looked so pretty!

11. What is your favourite season?

My favourite season is Summer (not that we can call it that in this country!). I love going to the beach on a warm day and dipping my toes in the sea. I love going to the river at Windsor, and going along the path watching the boats and swans, with a nice ice cream. I love seeing all the gardens looking neat, with the flowers all in bloom and beautiful. I love being able to have bare feet in the sun, while I'm laid on a lounger, listening to music with my Ray-Bans on. Slush Puppies and Ice Lollies when it's a warm afternoon. Barbeques. Holidays. When it rains on a hot day, and sizzles on the pavements, it makes a beautiful smell too!

So that's my part done with... now onto nominations!

I don't have many contacts in the blogosphere yet, so I nominate only two. 

Allison blogs at "The Simple Life Of A London Girl". She writes some amazing things, so please check her out!

Keshia blogs at "One Whisper In A Million Screams". Again, she writes some amazing stuff - her post on the British weather is spot on! I think she may have been nominated before, but she deserves more readers, so I nominate her again!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this! Karen set some tough questions - number 8 took me over a day to consider! I really liked doing this post. If you've been nominated for the Liebster, leave me a link in the comments so I can check out your pages! 

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