Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Apologies for Absence!

Hello Everyone!

I am a bad blogger. I abandoned my blog for a very hectic long weekend!  I did schedule some posts, which then decided not to post when they should have... grrr. I checked and then posted them manually together, but have been AWOL since. 

So I will do a brief summary of the last few days, and then follow up with some in depth bits. 

On Friday morning, my Dad accompanied me to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead Heath, London. I went to have some scans done, which required an injection of a radioactive fluid. The first scan was done when I arrived, at 10.45. I then had to wait for 4 hours before I could go back for the remaining scans. Once those were done, he dropped me at Paddington Station, where me and my mobility scooter were greeted by the Uberman. From there, it was on to Hyde Park, to see someone I've wanted to see for a very very long time. The legend that is Jon Bon Jovi. He did not disappoint. A review will follow ;) 

The journey home from Hyde Park was absolutely shit, which put a small downer on things, but it couldn't stop the happies from the concert. A special thank you must go to my brother for coming to rescue us from Paddington Station! We'd have been completely stuck without him. The silly sod didn't tell me that he was working on Saturday morning though, or I'd never have agreed to the offer! He had to leave for work at 6.30, and got to us at 1.00! 

We got back to the Uberman's house at 2am, and got some sleep, ready for a busy Saturday. A friend of mine had organised a coffee morning to raise money for the HMSA, which was so lovely of her! It was due to run from 10-12. My alarm decided it didn't feel like going off though, and I woke up with a start at 9.45. Whoops! We managed to be at the church hall by 10.30 though, which I thought was quite an achievement! It was a lovely morning, and great to see some of my friends and family turn out along with meeting new people. It was a real success, making £60.00 for the charity. I was really pleased! 

Once we were finished up there, we went back to the Uberman's house. His sister and her fiance were visiting from Gloucester, so there was a big family barbecue in the sunshine. It was beautiful, and he has a lovely big family, so there was lots going on! Later on, we went to a prize bingo, and I absolutely laughed my head off. I had such a funny night, and I still chuckle thinking of it! Uberman and I then went back to mine for some well earned sleep.

Then it was Sunday, and another day with the Malkins! Uberman's mum and two of his sisters were at the Scout Hut behind his house for a special event, so the rest of us sat in the garden, with the Wimbledon final on a laptop. It was electric to watch! We were glued to it, and when Murray managed to finally win it, all you could hear was yelling from all the gardens around! It was fantastic, and all of a sudden, a voice came over the fence - "Did he win?"! We shouted back yes, and there was a big roar from the Scout Hut too. It was a brilliant round up to the weekend! 

Yesterday was a very long day. I won't bore you with the details, but I was bloody glad when it was finished. Although I got into bed, watched the last episode of "Don't Call Me Crazy" (a brilliant documentary, it was really insightful) and dozed off.. only to wake up itching like mad. I had a massive heat rash on my back, and it didn't calm down until the sun came up. Bah.

So today, I am a very tired, very achey person, who is paying a penance for not pacing this weekend. It was worth it though, I had a brilliant weekend with awesome people, and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I have spent today in the shade of a parasol, curled up on a lounger and listening to music. It has been nice and peaceful, and the warmth has soothed the aches and pains a little bit. Hopefully I'll feel a bit better tomorrow. 

I hope you all had lovely weekends in the sunshine! 

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