Thursday, 4 July 2013

10 Day You Challenge - 3 Films

Hi Everyone!

Today's 10 Day You Challenge post is 3 films. Ouch, this is hard!

3. Logan's Run. I remember watching this with my Uncle Nick on VHS. It was one of his recordings, and it had a lovely red case which looked like a book, and the title was written in his distinctive handwriting. He always used one of those gold paint markers. They looked so posh all lined up next to each other!  The film was so good, my favourite Sci-Fi ever. I know a lot of people would disagree, but I loved it. The idea of an over populated world, with people being sent to the carousel to be shut down... it kind of seems more plausible now, that this would happen in the future. I loved the rebellion, the romance, the fighting. And I love the fact that I can watch it now and remember a really good time with my Uncle Nick. There are plans for a reboot - NO! I will not be watching it. It won't be right! 

2. Mary Poppins! I couldn't do this list without a bit of Disney in there! I have loved this film from the very first time I saw it, and it is the highlight of my Christmas week when it comes on! I will even cut short sale shopping to get home in time to watch it! The songs are catchy, Dick Van Dyke's atrocious attempt at a Cockney accent is hilarious and endearing at the same time, and Julie Andrews is just wonderful. I love the mixture of live action and cartoon - the penguin sequence is my favourite part of the film. The songs are catchy - who hasn't joined in with "A Spoonful of Sugar" or "Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious" at some point in their life? It's just a wonderful, magical film, and I admit, that I did try to draw a chalk picture on the pavement and jump in. Mary Poppins is pure joy (with a little bit of sadness when she leaves!).

1. Stardust. Based on a brilliant book by Neil Gaiman, this is a more adult fairytale, stepping away from the Disney ideas. This film is very much aimed at females, but has enough humour and action to keep the guys interested too. All the cast are brilliant, even Sienna Miller, who usually bores me rigid. Claire Danes is great as Yvaine, and absolutely beautiful - just how I pictured her from the book. Robert De Niro is absolutely brilliant in this film. He plays the part of the flamboyant Captain Shakespeare perfectly. I would never have pictured him when reading the book, but once I saw his performance, I was convinced he was absolutely the right man to bring the character to life.  Michelle Pfeiffer, as always, is brilliant. She makes an excellent bitch! I truly love this adaptation, which makes a change - I usually hate them, because they miss stuff out. I love curling up on a miserable night, with a bar of chocolate and the Uberman, to watch this film. Absolute bliss. 

So there are my top 3 films. Leave me a comment and tell me your top 3!

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