Monday, 28 October 2013

Nostalgia Q&A: A Brief Journey Through The Childhood Of Aporia

It's been a long time since a joint LBLC post, and I have to say that the theme of this one is probably my favourite so far! 

"There is no land like the land of your childhood"
- Michael Powell

"We carry our childhood with us"
- Gary D Schmidt

"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older"
- Tom Stoppard

I have never wanted to grow up. I still love the things I loved as a child, and I revisit them every now and then. Especially when I'm feeling low - they brighten my day and put a smile on my face. It's really exciting to be able to share them with you! So without further ado... welcome to the favourites of my childhood! 


I was a huge reader as a child. I worked my way through so many books, spending hours in the library choosing them. It has been really hard to narrow this category down! I've chosen 5, but there are many many more...

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
(Sweet Valley High) Return of the Evil Twin by Francine Pascal
What Katy Did by Susan M Coolidge
White Boots - Noel Streatfeild

There are so many more I wanted to include in this list! I have a lot of them on my E-Reader, and I have a feeling I will be revisiting them soon! 

TV Programmes

I had, and still have, a HUGE love for Rainbow. I collect Zippy memorabilia! It was my absolute favourite, and still brings a smile to my face when I see it now. 

Other favourites included:

Fun House
The Crystal Maze
The Raggy Dolls
Spot the Dog

It occurred to me recently that my love for The Raggy Dolls has a huge amount of irony. There is a character called Lucy who is made with faulty thread, which means her arms and legs fly off at random intervals. Sound familiar? Bendy readers will get this one! 


As a tiny thing, I had a real thing for Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. As I got older, like Sizzle and Louise I got very into the Spice Girls. Who Do You Think You Are was my top Spice Girls song! 

Other favourites of mine were:

A1 - Ready Or Not
B*Witched - C'est La Vie
5ive - Keep On Movin'
Bon Jovi - It's My Life
Texas - Summer Son

Nowadays my taste has completely changed, but when I hear these I still sing along!


I was a big Disney fan, but my favourites are not what you would usually expect - Mary Poppins and The Sword In The Stone are my top two. Closely followed by Robin Hood and The Rescuers! I was not a huge Princesses girl - I enjoyed them but they weren't my favourites. 

5 more films I loved as a kid:

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder is amazing!)
Honey I Shrunk The Kids
Short Circuit 2 (I sobbed when they beat him up!)
The BFG 
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


I was a big Spice Girls fan. They were the first band I saw live, supported by Cleopatra (Comin' Atcha!). I LOVED Take That, but never got the chance to see them live back then (yes, I sobbed my heart out when they split). I did see Boyzone live with my cousin and her friend, but I don't really remember much, as I was very poorly at the time. As I got older, Westlife came along, but when I hit 15 I started listening to Kerrang, and my music tastes changed completely. System of a Down were one of my favourites to begin with, and then I was introduced to The Wildhearts. Love at first riff!


I started off with The Animals Of Farthing Wood. Every week I would look forward to it arriving, and devouring it eagerly as soon as it came in. I remember once being in bed, it was still daylight and I was happily rereading an issue, when my dad heard me turn the pages from outside my door. I got into a lot of trouble for not going to sleep! As I got older, I moved on to Mizz, but that didn't last long, and I moved away from magazines until I got older and into some real trash! 


The first console we had was a Sega Mega Drive, and I still have it. My favourite game of all time is Castle of Illusion. It was the only game I could play better than my brother could, and I can speed run it on normal difficulty in 30 minutes! 

More games I love(d):

Sonic The Hedgehog ("up, down, left, right, A, start" anyone?)
Columns (2 player Flash mode - addictive!)
True Pinball on PS1 - the Viking table was the best!
Crash Bandicoot on PS1
Chartbusters (an awesome Board Game based on the Music Industry)


Once I was old enough to choose what I wore, I was a total tomboy. I refused all dresses and skirts, wrapped myself up in joggers, sweatshirts, polo shirts, football shirts... As time went by I mellowed it a bit, but followed the crowd - denim jackets with hoodies, Nickelson polo shirts *cringe*. I migrated from joggers into jeans, and then at 15 I moved into full on "grunger" fashion. Huuuuuuge wide legged jeans, band tees and hoodies, and black vest and strap tops.

Subject At School

I was a bit of a school nerd, I absolutely loved it. My favourite subject was Drama. I loved how I could express myself, have fun and just let loose. I was a big fan of English too - it involved reading! 


One of my favourite meals as a kid was Dippy Egg and Marmite Soldiers. I still love it today, I find it really comforting. Grillsteak, Egg and Chips was another meal I loved too. 


I used to love going to the shop at the bottom of the road and getting some penny sweets! Gummy cherries, milk bottles, jazzies... but I loved Freddos and Tazos too. There began my chocolate love affair. Also, Sherbet Dipdab, Parma Violets and Fizzers used to come back with me in my little paper bag!


My main hobby was reading. I used to spend hours in the Library after school (there was a time when I had no friends whatsoever, so books became my friends), immersing myself into a fictional world. I tried gymnastics, but was absolutely awful at it, ending up in a lot of pain (now I know why!). I tried to learn the recorder, but that didn't last long. I was fairly useless at hobbies, except for my reading. The only outdoor thing I enjoyed was a good game of Kerby. I didn't enjoy getting lumped with the ball running back to safety though! 

So there you have a quick look back through the childhood of Aporia. I could have gone on forever! I would love to read more Nostalgia posts, so if you have done one, please leave a link to it in the comments -  I always read and reply to them. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, your post has brought back so many memories! I L.O.V.E.D. Crystal Maze Seriously loved. Now, here's the million dollar question...which host did you prefer? ;)

  2. It was all about Richard O'Brien, Keshia! Ed Tudor Pole didn't even come close, but he tried hard. I love it when I spot it on Challenge even now! xxx