Friday, 18 October 2013

A Post From My Bed

As you can see from the title of this post, I am in bed. 

Lazy mare right?!

If only. I have mega tonsilitis, and I feel like I've been hit by a truck. It started on Tuesday evening, just a bit of a scratchy throat. By Wednesday morning, I was not a well Aporia at all. Luckily the Uberman was off work, and was able to take me to the Doctor (even if he thought it was a bit bad that I went in my jamas. I didn't have the energy or strength to try and get dressed!). She took one look in my throat, said "very bad tonsilitis" and promptly loaded me up with big bad yellow antibiotics. Then typed into the computer that I have pus leaking from them. Yeuch. 

I have no voice, my ears are throbbing, my throat is so tight I am struggling to get my tablets down, I am dizzy and my body has given up on me. My legs can't support my weight at all. Yesterday I got out of bed to have some soup and watch Emmerdale with Mum and Dad (how amazing was it?! Love Emmerdale, it's got so much better under the new producer). I went to get back up out of the chair, and nope. Dad helped me up, and I slowly shuffled/staggered back to bed. With my Mum telling me I had to stay in bed again today. The way I feel, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion anyway! 

It is a strange thing, how something fairly simple like tonsilitis, can completely wipe out people with chronic conditions. My joints feel like they're on fire, and it is taking a lot of effort just to get to the loo (which is literally 3 feet away from my bed) and back. My legs feel like they're made of cotton wool, all fluffy and of no use to my body whatsoever. I am sleeping a lot too. 

I am really hoping that my antibiotics will start kicking in soon. I don't do being "ill". I am utterly repulsed by the pus running down my throat (oh yeah, I can feel and taste that *voms*). I also don't do losing my voice! At least I can type. The Uberman moved my laptop into my bedroom for me yesterday morning, so I can be connected to the outside world. Huzzah. 

So yes. I am gammy. And feeling a wee bit sorry for myself with it. Humph. 

Any good vibes for antibiotics kicking in would be greatly appreciated! 

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