Friday, 18 October 2013

Review: HTC One

Welcome to my review of my newest gadget. 

I am approaching this slightly differently to all of the other reviews of the HTC One that are already out there. This is a review based on the experience of a bendy user. 

Having previously used a HTC Sensation, I knew that I didn't want a phone that was too much bigger. I have very bendy hands, and I find that the bigger things are, the harder they become to grip. I knew I didn't want an iPhone - I love the Android platform, so it was really a toss up between waiting for the Nexus 5, or going ahead and getting the HTC One. 

In the end, my hand was forced, as the phone I was borrowing was well on it's way to dying. I went into the o2 shop to have a look, and ended up leaving with the HTC One, on a much better deal than the one I had previously! Bosh. 

The size of this phone is absolutely perfect for my hands. I get no hyperextension when holding it, which is a key factor for a bendy person. This holds true, even with a bulky case (I am a clumsy bugger, and terrified of dropping it, so it has a purple double 'ard case to protect it!). 

The screen is really responsive, and I have no problem with my fingers or thumbs "sticking" and getting disjointed movement. If I'm having a bad pain day, this becomes a godsend, as it only takes the lightest of touches to do what I need to. 

Considering this is quite a large phone, with a metal casing, I am really impressed with the weight. It is lighter than my previous HTC, which is a difference I really appreciate. It's not until you use something new that you recognize some minor problems with what you had previously. It may only be a small difference on paper, but when it comes to accessibility, it can really make a big difference. 

For typing, I am using the standard keyboard at the moment (there are apps for different keyboards which I may try out, but at the moment, this one is working for me). I am able to type fairly successfully with the phone in a vertical position, but on a bad day I turn it horizontally, as it makes the surface area a lot larger to type on. This is always a handy feature for people with dexterity issues. The fact that there are other apps available for keyboard input also means that if you don't get on with it, you can give something else a try. 

I am extremely fortunate that my hearing is okay, but a huge bonus from this phone is that the volume is LOUD! It has long been a joke about quiet ringtones in this house, but there is no fear of not hearing this phone ringing. It has woken me up from illness induced daytime sleep - something my doorbell couldn't manage. No more missing calls because the phone is buried in a bag - this phone was made to be heard. 

I am so so impressed with this phone. With the trend leaning towards larger phones, I was starting to worry that a new phone would end up increasing my hand problems. I needn't have worried - this phone is my Holy Grail. I don't think I've ever been this happy with a new phone- I'm yet to find a fault with it accessibility-wise (or any other area, come to think of it). I really recommend this handset for bendy folk, or people with problems affecting their hands.

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