Thursday, 14 November 2013

It's Late on a Thursday Night...

...and since the local Legion closed, I have found myself with nothing to do on a Thursday evening. I used to call Bingo there. Sometimes it drove me absolutely scatty, but most of the time it was great fun, and while I don't necessarily miss the place, I do miss the people and the fun we had. 

So Thursdays have gone from being permanently occupied to perpetually vacant. Which I am still getting used to. I am not used to having this time spare, so finding something to fill it with is taking time, trial and error. Tonight has been Christmas Crocheting. I am making some presents this year, and I am really loving seeing them come together. I hope their recipients like them! It was all going swimmingly until I subluxed my left collarbone this evening. It is the first time I have done that, and it hurt. I feel a bit sick from it still. Ice is not doing a huge deal. I feel another uncomfortable night coming on. 

I haven't slept well now for a while. There was a brief respite last week, where I had a wee adventure and left myself exhausted, but then back into the cycle of no sleep/extreme fatigue/no sleep and so on. I've almost forgotten what it was like to go to bed and sleep well. Being comfortable is a huge part of it. I have been struggling with my shoulders (left in particular) for a while now, and being unable to sleep on my back is leaving me with no option but to lay on sore shoulders. Which = waking up sore to turn over. Repeat eleventyeight times and the night turns into the day before you know it. Morning rolls around, and I'm so tired from the crap night that I finally crash out, wasting the morning. So any bendy tips on comfort when sleeping would be most gratefully appreciated! 

I am aware I have been absent again, and for that I apologise. The last few weeks have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, which I will go into in a different post. I didn't want to clog this place up with pure negativity, so I was waiting until I could see the bright side before I let the world know about it! I am almost there, so I feel like I can start posting things again without being too much of a negative Nancy. 

Having read this back, it has been a bit negative, whoops! Sorry about that. The crochet stuff is positive though. It's keeping me occupied and it's gratifying to see something I have made with love for someone come together. I have never found a craft that I have been any good at before, and whilst I am still not very good at it, I am improving, and I am really really enjoying it! Huzzah xD 

Right, I'm off to change my icepack and get in my jamas. If you have come back for another read after a bit of a break, then thank you, you lovely person you! I won't leave it so long next time *promise*


  1. Hope it's feeling better now. I hope after Christmas you will show us the things you made please


  2. Thank you lovely lady. I definitely will xxx