Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I Love Autumn Tag

I have been tagged by the lovely Keshia at Kesizzle's Korner in a post to tell you what I love about Autumn. I cannot lie, I am not Autumn's biggest fangirl. It heralds the fact that Winter is Coming. Eep. There are some things I like though. So without further ado...

1. Favourite Autumn Lip Product?

I am not a major user of lip colours, so my main product is lip balm,to stop chapped lips as the weather gets colder and windier. I used to use Honey Trap by Lush, which I adore, but I'm on the hunt for something a bit less expensive but still animal friendly. Any recommendations?

2. Favourite Autumn Nail Colour?

I don't usually stick to seasons when it comes to Nail Polish. If I fancy wearing a certain colour I will, whether it is in season or not haha! Rebel! However, I liked wearing Color Club - Sparkle and Soar as my Halloween week polish. It is a beautiful bright orange with a golden shimmer through it, which suited Halloween orange but also Autumn leaves. Berry Smoothie by George at Asda is also a lovely polish which suits the end of Autumn and beginning of Winter. 

3. Favourite Autumn Candle Wax Tart?

I am not really allowed to burn candles at home, so I have an electric wax tart burner. I am currently burning a Cherry Cola tart from Candlewick Greens which is lovely, but once it is spent then I am planning to move on to more seasonal scents - Christmassy smells, Cherry Pie, Shortbread... Mmmm... The only downside is, these tarts are so strongly scented that they take forever to burn out!

5. Favourite Autumn Drink?

Hot Chocolate. With cream and marshmallows. Preferably with a shot of orange syrup as well. Yum! It is lovely and relaxing. Soothes and warms you up when you've been out in the cold. Lovely! 

6. Favourite Autumn Scarf or Accessory?

I have a lovely scarf from Tesco with owls on, which I really love. I am wearing it a lot, trying to save my knitted scarves and bits until it's really cold. It's warm enough without being suffocating, meaning I can wear it indoors and outdoors. Lovely jubbly. 

7. Favourite Autumn Hair Style?

I don't tend to change my hair for the seasons. It is usually down and straight. Exciting huh?!

8. Favourite Autumn Activity?

I like going to Garden Centres with my Dad to see what new Christmas decorations are out there each year. Going to see the pretties has been a tradition since I was a small thing, and it doesn't change! I love it. 

9.  Favourite Thing About Autumn?

I like the colours the leaves turn before they drop. The beautiful shades of orange, red, yellow and gold. They reach such beautiful heights before they die off, it is a bit melancholy really. 

10. Best Autumn Memory?

When I was smaller, and before we got the huuuuuge shed that now takes up a big chunk of the garden, we used to have lots of people over for fireworks. It was always a fun evening. One of my favourites was probably totally not safe, but still makes me chuckle. The men used to compete with each other as to who could bring the biggest firework... take from that what you will ;)! One year there was a firework that had multiple single shots, over 100 of them. Only, it was lit, and they all went off together. There was a huge bang, and bits of plastic and paper EVERYWHERE. We were still finding bits two or three years later. It still makes us laugh even now! 

11. Hottest Autumn Trend?

I am really liking the baroque printed skinny jeans around at the moment. So much so, I bought a pair yesterday. I haven't tried them on yet though. Also, the knitwear trends are amazing this year! I have a grey jumper with a penguin on which I adore. 

12. Tag 4 Favourite Bloggers!

4 of my fave bloggers have already been tagged, so I only have one more - the lovely Allison!

So that's my Autumn post done! Tell me what you love about Autumn - feel free to use the tag but leave me a link so I can read your favourites! 

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