Sunday, 25 August 2013

Seven Deadly Sins, Aporia Style

Hello Everyone!

It's time for another LBLC joint post - long overdue in fact!

Keshia came up with the idea for this post - to tell you all about our Seven Deadly Sins. An awesome topic. So without further ado...


I am incredibly proud of my first ever crochet project. I picked up a hook at the beginning of the year, as a trial to see whether it would help to keep my hands and fingers active and stop them seizing. I was quite surprised at how quickly I picked the basics up, and when my Mum asked me to make her a blanket, I threw myself into it. It has kept me active but does cause some pain after a while, so it has taken me the best part of 6-8 months to complete. But I have completed it. My Mum loves it, and has taken it away with her for her camping trip at the Great Dorset Steam Fair this week. I am incredibly proud that I took on quite a mammoth task for my first project, and it didn't beat me! 


I am envious of absolutely everybody who is currently in Weymouth. I've mentioned this far too many times on this blog, but it is my happy place, and I would love to be there every waking minute of my life. It holds many happy memories for me, and I hope that one day it will hold many more. 


I thought a lot about this one. I get angry at a lot of things, some trivial, some more serious. Which should I put here? I think one of each.

Trivial - People emptying crisp packets into their mouth. It just triggers something in my brain which really makes me irrationally angry!

Serious - Since becoming more incapacitated by my EDS, I have been granted a Blue Badge by the local council. When I turn up to my local GP Surgery, and see a car parked in the disabled bay with NO badge displayed, I get incredibly angry. The lack of parking there means that if I cannot get in the disabled bay, I need to park over the road, which is not a distance I am able to travel. The disabled spaces are for BLUE BADGE HOLDERS. Not for someone who just feels like parking there because they don't want to park across the road. By doing that, you are making an already difficult life more challenging. Don't be a prat. Think about why those spaces are there, and how so many of the people who use them would give anything to be able to park across the road and walk into somewhere without a care in the world. 


I am absolutely awful at putting clean clothes away. It is a horrible habit, and one I really need to get out of. They are piled on my bed, I move the pile to somewhere else so I can get into bed... then I grab them off of the pile. My Mum has attempted to counteract this by getting me some plastic storage for my downstairs room (I haven't been able to get upstairs since Feb), and arranging it all by section. I have been good so far. I must not be lazy!


I have always wanted a black diamond ring. Like this one. 


Cosmetics. Nail Polish in particular. I have an insane amount of it! There are so many pretties! 
Maybe wool too. My stash is quite impressive!


Lucky Charms cereal. Oh I cannot get enough of this stuff. It's sooo good. I'm so pleased it's becoming more available in the UK again, as the prices are coming down a bit. It's just awesome. I like to eat the cereal bits first, then have all the charms at the end. Yum!

So there you have it - the Seven Deadly Sins of Aporia. Make sure you check out the sins of KeshiaKarenRach and Louise!

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  1. Ah, nail polish. It's pretty much what brought LBLC together ;-). Loving the black diamond!