Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Monthly Round Up - August

Hello Everyone!

This month has flown past so bloody quickly! I saw Keshia's post and was promptly reminded that I needed to get this done. And also get blogging more! I will follow this post with an update on everything. I promise. 

Read: Again I have had another month without any real reading material. I've been reading through blogs, reading reviews, leafing through crochet books, but that's it really. I usually read more in the winter months, so this bullet point should get a bit more interesting soon!

Watched: Breaking Bad. The same as last month I know, but I am totally addicted to it! We're just about to hit Season 5, so all being well we should be up to date before the final episode hits the UK. Jesse and Walter have invaded my life!

Listened: Team Rock Radio. It launched at Download this year, and it's really good. I've grown pretty sick of daytime TV, but Bird loves to see a picture on the TV. TRR is a great solution - music I like plus something to keep him quiet! They play some awesome stuff. 

Most Used Beauty Product: I have been on a using it up splurge, and I'm working my way through a Lush Happy Blooming Jelly. It was a forum special last year, and it was truly lovely. It reminds me of days when I thought Lush were the best thing since sliced bread. Turns out they aren't! Still, the jelly is lovely, leaves my skin soft and smelling yummy.

Ate: The Uberman made a gorgeous cake for our Bank Holiday BBQ. He has a set of pans which turn the filling of the cake into a heart shape, so each time you cut a slice, it has a heart in the middle. It was a red velvet cake with extra thick fresh cream in the middle. Absolutely delicious! 

Drank: Cherry 7Up. Beautiful stuff :)

Did: I finished the blanket! Wooohooo! 

Went: I went to DASH last week, a service for disabled people in my local borough, to get help filling in my Personal Independence Payment form. It has been posted now, so fingers crossed it goes okay.

Favourite New Thing: My new bed. Being stuck downstairs has meant a single bed, and my Uberman staying on a fold out bed. A couple of weeks ago, we ordered a new bed, which comes with a guest bed that comes up to the same level as the main bed. It folds down and rolls underneath too, taking up far less space. Means snuggle time again, yay :)

Favourite Photo:

Finished Blanket! Woooop!

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