Monday, 16 September 2013


Is going to be a tough day.

September 17th is probably the worst date of my year. In 2004, on that date, I lost my beautiful and wonderful Nanny.

         I love this picture. Stunning!           This was her 60th Birthday. Woolly Hat and Bus Pass!

Living next door (numerically, but separated by a crossroad) meant I saw her almost everyday. Even if it was just a wave through the window as I walked past on my way home from school. I can't tell you just how much I miss her.

Thankfully, it wasn't long from her diagnosis until she left us. Most of that time, she was sleeping. I remember how the hospital let me come up to see her after my shift at Woolworths, to say my goodbyes. It was way past visiting time, but they didn't mind. She left us two days later.

Cancer is a cruel and vicious disease. It doesn't discriminate. I am not a religious person, so rather than pray, I hope and wish that one day, a cure is found. 

Tomorrow, as well as going to give my Nanny her flowers, I will be at the hospital. I am seeing the Neurologist for the results of my Spinal MRI. I mentioned in an earlier post how I read a copy of the letter sent from the Spinal Diagnostic Team to my GP, requesting my referral to Neurology. I decided to research one of the things noted from my original scans, and was utterly gobsmacked to learn that not only is it common in patients with EDS, it also explains all of the symptoms I have had since I injured my back in February. 

I will do a detailed post on it after I have seen the Neurologist. I am going to take my research with me, as these things can sometimes be overlooked. I am not going to lie, I'm a tad scared. My life has been totally changed since February, and there is a chance I won't get back to where I was. I guess I will have to see what they say, and choose my path from there. I haven't been sleeping at all well for the last two weeks, and I think tonight could be my worst night yet. I distracted myself with a jigsaw earlier, and I painted my nails a little while ago, but I'm all out of distractions now. Gah. 

So yes. Tomorrow is not going to be a happy day. I honestly can't wait for it to be over. Although, the Uberman is coming over tomorrow evening, and we're going to watch some Breaking Bad. We've almost caught up now... it's getting a bit tense! 

Over and out for now...

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