Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I'm Baaaaack

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for my absence. Bad Blogger. 

However, it can be explained...

My first ever crochet project is finished! Mum loves it, and I love that she loves it. 8 Months of love and work have gone into it, and I hope she enjoys being cosy in it! 

Next project is to create an amigurumi Pokemon, for my brother's lovely GF. They went to Japan, and whilst there they visited the Pokemon Center. She only wanted Jigglypuff, and they didn't have one there. I showed her a crochet one, and she wants one of those instead. So Jigglypuff will be my second ever project, and my first amigurumi! Fingers crossed it goes well :)

Other than being very busy beavering away at the blanket, I have been at the hospital quite a bit. A half an hour physio slot was not enough to even get all my medical gubbins written down (!), so I have an hour appointment tomorrow.  Eep. I have also had my spine and knee MRI scanned this week. I am suffering quite a bit from that. An hour in a scanner in a not-particularly-comfortable position is not good for a Bendy Girl. Or Bendy Boy, I presume. 

I have had some nice adventures too.

Last weekend, I went to Wittering for the day. The weather was a bit on the naff side, but I find being by the sea oddly soothing. Wittering has changed a lot since I was small. The arcade has gone. GONE. That is a big shocker. I have always associated the seaside with sea, beach, ice cream and arcades! Many hours have been spent feeding the 2p machines. I have a whopping great chain full of 2p machine keyrings! 

I wanted to take a look in the haberdashery shop whilst we were there, and inside was the most beautiful Golden Retriever. I was on my scooter, and didn't want to run her over, so I stopped and waited. She looked at me, then her owner whistled to her. The next thing I heard was "Come on Shelley". I was completely confused, as the dog then got up and wandered over to her! I giggled a bit with the owner over the name, then rolled down to look at the yarn. All of a sudden, I felt a cold nose on my hand. I looked down, and she was sat right next to me, looking up at me as if to say "please be my friend". So I obliged, naturally, with lots of ear scratches and strokes. I got a friendly hand kiss from her, and she laid down with her head on the base of my scooter like she didn't want me to go. I didn't want to go either! She was the sort of dog who you'd curl up with on a sofa on a rainy day, to watch TV, and she'd sit with you all day. Totally adorable. I was genuinely sad when I left her. 

Earlier on in the week, my Auntie came over to take me out of the house for a while. We decided to take a visit to the Dog's Trust in Harefield. We had a lovely stroll (roll in my case!) around looking at all the lovely dogs up for adoption. I only wish I could have adopted one or more! The two who barked at my wheels, however, probably weren't companion material. Bless them! We both fell in love with a gorgeous older gentleman pooch called Max. We loved him so much, that when we went up to the Tea Rooms, we sat at his table! They do amazing light food there - we had cheese and ham toasted sandwiches and they were absolutely loaded with filling and incredibly tasty. I can definitely recommend it there - only get there early, to make sure you get to try cake! It was all sold out by the time we went to order! 

So there has been some niceness to take the sting out of the nastiness that has been going on in the land of this Bendy Girl. Just got to keep plodding on!

Hope everyone reading this is well and that things are shiny!

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