Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wibble Wobble, Wibble Wobble, Shelley On The Floor

I'm quite proud of that title heh.

Yesterday I wasn't at my best but I had two hospital appointments to go to, so off I went. I had the ultrasound on my thumb, and my tendons are all intact,which is grand. Yet it doesn't explain why my thumb isn't working. So follow up is March 13th. We shall see what that brings. 

After that, I had my first therapy session. Unlike standard therapy, the type I am under going is chronic pain focused, so the therapist has a real understanding of the causes of how I feel. It was my first of 8 sessions. I'm not ready to share what we talked about yet, but I may well do here in the future. 

By the time we were finished I was starting to feel very gammy. My throat was all scratchy, and my sinuses felt blocked. The cold racing round my family at a rate of knots got me. Utter bastard. As always with a cold/virus, it went straight to my ears. Last night I was alternating the wheat bag between my ears, and feeling very unwell. My balance went to who knows where, and had it not been for the Uberman and my bed rail, I would have hit the floor. Mum and Dad had popped out to Lidl, so bought me back a little pot of Ben and Jerry's for my throat. We watched some Archer and then I had a fairly horrible night. 

This morning I got up, ready to come and get into my nest. I stood up, felt a bit chesty but my ears didn't hurt, huzzah! I made my way with my frame into the front room, where my nest was waiting. I leave it reclined as it's in such a comfortable position. I moved my frame to get ready to sit, and then all of a sudden I was sat on the floor, my ribs whacked against the reclined leg area of the chair, and subluxed the same hip I dislocated yesterday. I'm not going to lie, I cried like a little girl before getting myself up and into my nest. I have had a very very quiet day since, and am determined to feel better tomorrow. Tomorrow is a VERY EXCITING DAY. I am off to see one of my favourite bands, Black Stone Cherry. No cold or virus is going to stop me being there - even if it means I spend the rest of the weekend flared and poorly. I am taking Betsy Blue Wheels, and going with the Uberman, Mel and Carl. We're travelling by cab, because frankly,the majority of the London Underground is chuffing useless for disabled passengers. Particularly the Camden area, which is always so busy. Either way, I am a very excited Aporia. 2 hours and 45 minutes of Black Stone Cherry, fan selected setlist, some new material and Q&A's. Woooop!

Tomorrow is also a slightly worrying day, as my Mum is having an operation on her wrist (bra doing up and undoing is going to be hilarious, her wrist will be casted and my thumb doesn't work!). So any good wishes for her would be greatly appreciated. She's been having problems with it for a very long time (as a result of an injury when she was younger than I am now), so I really hope this helps her. It's a day surgery, so hopefully she'll be home before I leave. I'll feel much better about going to BSC knowing she's okay.

So now I'm signing out. My plan is to have some nice warm porridge for dinner, have a nice hot shower, watch some Castle (I've just gotten into Castle, LOVE it!) and get an early night, which will hopefully kick this virus in the arse, and help with the added pain from stacking it earlier. 

Tip of the day: don't fall on a recliner. Ow. 

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