Monday, 24 February 2014

LBLC: Three Things That Made Me Happy Today


Last night, the lovely Louise from the LBLC decided that it would be a nice idea to take a moment today to blog about 3 things that have made us happy. It's been a strange day today, so mine may sound a little bit weird, but they made me happy all the same. 

1. My Dad was off sick from work today (told you they would sound a little weird haha!). Although he was poorly, and I am headed the same way, it was so lovely to have company. We watched Dark Shadows, which I was surprised he even chose to watch, let alone like! Then we put Snow White and The Huntsman on, and I fell asleep. Whoops. It was nice though. 

2. My new Skullcandy headphones are amazing. I'm cheating a wee bit with this one, as I bought them last week, but was using them at 2am (which is today!), and the quality is fab. 

3. I have some lovely lovely friends. To CY, KT, LL, KH, RO'B, SK and AH, thank you for listening to my ramblings and ravings. You all help to keep me afloat, and I am so grateful for you all. 

So there are my three happies of the day. As this is a happy post, everything else today is irrelevant. 

If you have three happies you want to share, please link me to them - I'd love to have a read :)


  1. I am glad you love your candies, they are ace! How could you fall asleep while Chris Hemsworth was on? I am amazed. love you. KT. xx

  2. I know, I am slightly ashamed of myself. He is a very very pretty man. Love you too lovely lady xxx

  3. I second Karen's question on Chris Hemsworth!!! Although, I can understand you falling asleep with Kristen Stewart present! Dark Shadows is one of my favourite films, I'm glad you liked it. BUT I am very glad indeed you got dad company, that is definitely the best sort. It's a pleasure to listen to you and be a floatation device :D, love you lots lady xxx

  4. In my defence, it was a medication induced sleep! I really enjoyed Dark Shadows, we have good taste (hehe!). Thank you lovely lady. Love you too xxx