Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Little Update

It will be little this time, I promise!

I now have a new splint for my hand, a thumb spika. My fingers are free, huzzah! 8 days until scan day. The lovely ladies at Hand Therapy have given me Oval-8 splints for my pinkie, ring and middle fingers on both hands, as the hyperextension shocked them a bit. So far they seem to be really helping, but they aren't pretty at all haha! I'm planning to try and jazz them up a bit with nail polish and gems haha!

My neck is still unfunky. The time has flown by! I'm back sleeping in my bed now, because I missed my electric blanket and also I can be just as uncomfortable out there as I was in here on the sofa!

There is a whole shitstorm going down with my local council and ATOS right now. I'm reluctant to go into details, but thankful that I have a local councillor and also my local MP on my side. I was so angry yesterday that I dropped the C-Bomb in front of my Mum. Whoops. I apologised for saying it in front of her, but not for saying it, as I meant it. REALLY meant it. 

I'm starting to plan what I'm going to do for EDS Awareness Month this year. If anyone has any ideas, please leave me a comment, as I'm a bit stumped!


  1. You should totally wear your zebra onesie every time you leave the house. I'd pay good money for that.

  2. Oh I like that idea! The cogs are now turning... ;) xxx