Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Hello, and welcome to my shiny new Blog! 

I am entering the blogosphere for the first time, having been encouraged to do so by a friend after a series of posts I've been making on Facebook.

So, some facts about me... 

  • My name is Shelley, also known as Aporia.
  • Aporia is the name of possibly my favourite song ever.
  • I'm 26. Eeep. 
  • I have an epic mister, the Uberman <3
  • I'm into rock/metal/punk/alternative music for the most part, but I have a very special place in my heart for 80's music <3
  • I love reading. When I find books I love, I can read them over and over and never get bored.
  • I like to go to gigs and festivals when I can
  • I LOVE rollercoasters (and theme parks in general)
  • The previous two bullet points are subject to my health 
  • I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: -
  • This makes me hypermobile - Hence My Bendy Girl blog title
  • It also means a lot of other health issues, which include Fibromyalgia
  • Although I'm currently off sick, I still try my best to hold down a full time job.
  • I have LED lights on my wheelchair, polka dot crutches, and a nifty scooter.
  • I have 3 pets - Arya the Hamster, Yoshi the Bearded Dragon, and Bird. Betcha can't guess what he is :P
  • I like to crochet. Current project is a granny square blanket for my mum.
  • I also love nails, nail polish and nail art. Nail Days are Sundays, with my awesome SIL Allison :)
  • I prefer my hair an unnatural colour. At the moment it's white with FAR too much root regrowth. This is to be rectified on Thursday morning. Followed by lilac dye on Friday
  • I love cosmetics, and will always buy cruelty-free where possible
  • I love trying new stuff - I cannot wait for my Fortune Cookie Soap order to arrive!
So, here endeth my first blog post. Many more to come!


  1. Hello and welcome! So glad to see you here in Bloggingland. xx

  2. Thank you! I rather like it. I've enjoyed being able to spout my thoughts this month with my EDS Awareness Month stuff, so I thought why not continue it? :) xxx