Monday, 27 January 2014

So... It's Been A While!

I apologise for a long absence. The main reason for this is that on the 4th January, I had a freak accident and have done some damage to my hand. I lasted 5 whole days into 2014 before having to visit A&E. A new record! Humph. I now have a moulded thermoplastic splint which has support for my index and middle fingers, and a Spika support for my thumb. My fingers have regained movement, which is great, but my thumb is in a very sorry state. I am waiting for an ultrasound scan on it, to take a look at all the soft tissue and also the joint itself. I got the appointment letter today, and it is for the 26th of February. It feels like forever away! 

You don't realise just how important your dominant hand is until you can't use it. I can't grip at all at the moment. Bras are utterly impossible, as are cans of drink, or any packets that need to be opened. It also means I can't crochet. Or play my lovely Xbox that I got for Christmas. *cries*. Which means I am terribly terribly bored. I am going to start a jigsaw I think.

So yes. After a really lovely Christmas (technically Christmases, I got to enjoy one at home, then an extra two with the Uberman's family, as some were there on the day, and then some more came over on Boxing Day!), January has been fairy unpleasant to me so far. My back has been misbehaving terribly, and I am currently waiting for a prescription of Diazepam after a particularly violent sublux at the weekend sent my muscles into spasm. Unimpressed doesn't cut it, I am thoroughly fed up. 

I will be back soon, hopefully with a more positive post. It hurts my hand a lot to type, but I'm going to set up some speech recognition software to try and help with that :)


  1. Oh January, can *** right off...but is nearly over...the only way is up! x

  2. It really can! Here's to a better February for us both *positive thinking* xxx

  3. hurrah for February! Let's hope it's better for all of us. xx